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Antonio's Deli

Antonio & Vito

Offering a variety of food and specialty deli items perpared fresh daily, Antonio's Italian - American Deli in Malverne has been serving their customers with pride for 10 years.

Owners, Antonio Bove and Vito Asaro bring with them a love of the business and over 30 years of service in the food industry. Growing up in the business in Italy, Antonio learned how to prepare fresh cheeses and "salumni", (cold cuts) as well as many other receipes from watching his grandmother prepare food. "She put great love into it. The food we serve isn't like others. It is Grandma's recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation. We are a little piece of Italy, right here in Malverne," says Antonio.

Antonio's Italian - American Deli aslo offers a full line of Boar's Head products, fresh meats, homemade salads, fresh pasta and ravioli, homemade appetizers, heros, panini sandwiches, Italian breads, and catering services. Foods change as with the seasons, Pizza Rustica, Pasta Grana and other baked goods, Shish-Kabobs, Broccoli Rabe Patties, Bacon Cheese Patties, are all season favorites. Besides the unforgettable fresh food served daily. Another important factor in the success of the business is the friendly atmosphere and good service. "Another reason for our success is our customers", said Antonio, "We have customers that have been with us since we first opened our door. They are truly our partners for they provide us with valuable feedback and idea's."

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Review: Antonio's has everything! dozens of different olive oils, all kinds of cheeses and meats, biscotti, pastas, antipasto of various sorts, cookies, cakes and the best belly-busting sandwiches made absolutely fresh. I've taken out sandwiches a half dozen times when I've visited Malverne. Never been disappointed.

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